• PT Paxel Algorita Unggul (“PAXEL”) is a company established under the law of the Republic of Indonesia.
  • PAXEL is a courier company with a Postal service license and is application-based which has been registered and obtained license from the Ministry of Information and Informatics of the Republic of Indonesia.


“Goods/Package” are goods, letters, documents and any types of goods that can be delivered by PAXEL in accordance with these T&C and the prevailing laws and regulations.

“Recipient” is a party that is listed to receive Goods/Package.

“Hero” is PAXEL’s courier or partner having duties to do Goods/Package delivery process.

Goods/Packages Provisions

  1. Package size and weight limitation
    The Package size and weight limitation consists of three (3) types, namely:
    1. Small size
      • Dimensional limitation: 20 cm x 20 cm x 20 cm
      • Weight limitation: 5 (five) kilogram
    2. Medium size
      • Dimensional limitation: 30 cm x 30 cm x 30 cm
      • Weight limitation: 5 (five) kilogram
    3. Big size
      • Dimensional limitation: 40 cm x 40 cm x 40 cm
      • Weight limitation: 5 (five) kilogram
    The permitted deviation is 10% (ten percent) from the weight limitation and/or dimensional limitation.
  2. Packaging
    Sender shall pack its Goods appropriately, properly and in closed condition to protect the Goods during the delivery process. PAXEL has no responsibility to protect the Goods during the delivery process. PAXEL is not liable for any damages to the Goods as a result of improper or inadequate packaging.
  3. Proof of pick-up
    Sender agrees to put the Sender’s digital signature as a part of the proof of pick-up by Hero.
  4. Pick-up and delivery time
    The time limitation for Hero to do pick-up and delivery of Goods/Packages is within 08:00 a.m. - 10:00 p.m.
  5. Type of Goods
    Sender is not allowed to send the type of Goods listed in the Prohibited Goods (as regulated below).

General Provisions

  • PAXEL reserves the rights to know the content of the goods delivered by the Sender.
  • PAXEL reserves the right to check the Goods and put bubble wrap on Goods/Packages which are categorized as Fragile Goods which have not been adequately packaged.
  • PAXEL reserves the right to re-check the dimension and weight of the Package/Goods.
  • PAXEL reserves the right to check the appropriateness of packaging to be delivered.
  • PAXEL reserves the right to refuse Goods/Packages which packaging is deemed by PAXEL as inappropriate or does not comply with PAXEL’s policy and the prevailing laws and regulations.
  • PAXEL is not liable for deliveries that are inconsistent with the statement and/or information stated and/or provided by the Sender through Gojek Application and/or included as any type of Prohibited Goods.
  • The security and packaging of the delivered Goods/Packages are the sole responsibility of the Sender.
  • PAXEL reserves the right to refuse a delivery if the waiting time for the pick-up process of Goods/Packageis more than 10 (ten) minutes.
  • The Sender is not allowed to cancel the shipment when the Goods/Package has been successfully handed over by Hero.
  • The Sender agrees to provide the Sender’s and Recipient’s data information through Gojek Application in a complete and correct manner (name, city, sub-district, village, postal code and phone number).
  • The Sender waives PAXEL from any liabilities on penalties and/or compensation due to:
    1. Loss of Goods/Packages, if the Sender provides incorrect data information regarding the Recipient, however, the Goods/Packages have been received by the Recipient.
    2. The damage to the content of Package or Goods, in the event that there is no damage to the Package’s seal at the time of receipt by the Recipient.
    3. The damage to the content of Goods/Package, in the event of inconsistency between the actual Package/Goods and the description of Goods provided.
    4. Inconsistent statement, if the Sender provides statement on the content of Goods/Packages which is inconsistent with the type of goods mentioned on Gojek application.
    5. Any claims from other parties and/or the authorized parties, if the content of package delivered through PAXEL is not consistent with the statement from the Sender and then in contrary to the prevailing laws and regulations.
    6. Any delay, loss, damages, if any cost is incurred as a result of the Sender’s negligence and fault in complying with the obligations as regulated in these T&C and other provisions set out by PAXEL.
  • PAXEL reserves the right to collect and/or deliver the Goods/Packages through the routes, methods, procedures and networks owned by PAXEL.
  • PAXEL reserves the right to take steps deemed necessary after finding any violation to the provisions contained in these T&C immediately, including to perform the Delivery Standard regulated in these T&C.

Prohibited Goods

PAXEL does not accept the delivery of Goods/Packages prohibited by the provisions of PAXEL and the provision of Law No. 38 Year 2009 on Postal Services, namely:

  1. Prohibited Goods, including but not limited to:
    1. Money (cash, coins, foreign currency money);
    2. Narcotics, marijuana, morphine, other addictive products;
    3. Pornography in any form;
    4. Delivery with longer duration than the required transit time;
    5. Living animals and plants;
    6. Easily-broken foodstuffs and beverages requiring freezer or controlled environment;
    7. Explosives, guns, weapons, and the parts of them;
    8. Gambling devices and lottery tickets;
    9. Goods controlled by the government;
    10. Goods resulting from criminal acts, for example hot goods and so on; and/or
    11. Other goods prohibited by the prevailing laws and regulations.
  2. Extraordinary Goods, including but not limited to:
    1. Art works, including the works made or worked using skills, crafts or creative talents for sale, exhibition or collection, including but not limited to goods (and the parts of them) such as paintings, drawings, vases, carpets;
    2. Movies, photo images, including photographic negative film, photographic chromes, photographic slides;
    3. Commodities which are naturally fragile to damage, or have variable or uncertain market value;
    4. Antique items, commodities showing fashion or mode from the past in which the history, age and scarcity are invaluable. These items include but not limited to furniture, eating utensils. glasses, and collection goods such as coins, stamps;
    5. Glassware in the form of jewelries, including jewelry costumes, wrist watches and the parts of them, diamonds or precious stones (precious or semi-precious stones), industrial polished diamonds and jewelries made of precious metals;
    6. Animal feathers, including but not limited to feather clothes, clothes with feathered trimming and leather.
    7. Precious Metals, including but not limited to, gold and silver bars or powders, deposit or platinum (except as an integral part of electronic machines);
    8. Prepaid Phone Card (Mobile Phone Voucher);
    9. Stamps, excise upon liquor, stamp duty; and/or
    10. Gold Coins (shall be packed with coin header or Safe-T Mailer and shall be kept away one another or wrapped in the layered materials.
  3. Valuable Goods and Documents, including but not limited to:
    1. Ownership Certificate or Freehold Title Certificate (SHM) and Right to Build Certificate (HGB);
    2. Proof of Motor Vehicle Ownership (BPKB), Pass Certificate, Passport;
    3. Bank Certificate, Bond Deposit, Other Goods we define as Valuable Documents; and/or
    4. Goods having value more than IDR 10,000,000 (ten million Rupiahs).
  4. Alcoholic beverages.
  5. Goods exceeding the vehicle loading capacity.

Delivery Cost

  • PAXEL has set the Service rate as stated on the Gojek Application and inclusive of insurance premium on the Goods/Package.
  • The delivery fee imposed by PAXEL is inclusive of Value-Added TAX (VAT).

Ownership Warranty

  • The Sender warrants that the Goods/Packages submitted and/or delivered through PAXEL have comply in accordance with the provisions of the prevailing laws and regulations.
  • The Sender releases PAXEL from any form of claims from any parties upon violation to the ownership warranty of Goods/Package delivered through PAXEL.

Intellectual Property Rights

All designs, logos, brands, photos and images related to PAXEL both in digital and printed media shall not be used and acknowledged by any parties and for any purposes, except with a written approval from PAXEL.


  • PAXEL is liable to compensate the losses experienced by the Sender or Recipient resulting from the damage and/or loss to the Goods if:
    1. The damage, loss and/or defects to Goods are caused by the actual default and/or negligence of Hero and/or PAXEL;
    2. The Goods submitted by the Sender to Hero to be delivered have been completed with proper and appropriate packaging to prevent the Goods from being damaged due to reasonable movement of vehicles driven by Hero during the delivery; and
    3. there are no hidden defects to the Goods.
  • The sender shall submit claim application through or through phone to (021) 5084900 or through “Help” feature in Gojek Application, no later than 3 (three) Calendar Days after the Goods/Package is received by the Recipient.
  • PAXEL shall not be liable for any commercial, financial, other indirect damages caused by anything outside the control of PAXEL or other indirect losses including damages due to Force Majeure such as earthquake, natural disaster, riot, flood, epidemic, war, revolution, rebellion, Government policy and other causes outside the control of PAXEL.
  • Compensation warranty as set out in this point amounts to the value of Goods up to a maximum of IDR 10,000,000 (ten million rupiah) per Service, except in the case that the Goods/Packag value is less than the delivery cost hence the maximum compensation amount is 10 (ten) times the delivery fee.

Complaints and Questions

If Sender has questions or complaints related to the goods or document delivered through PAXEL, the Sender may submit any questions or complaints through or via phone to (021) 5084900 or through “Help” feature in the Gojek Application.

Laws and Dispute Settlement

  • All disputes arising from the performance of the T&C and services provided by PAXEL with the Sender will be settled by deliberation and amicable settlement, unless it is deemed necessary to proceed to legal procedures and the laws and regulations applicable in Indonesia.
  • The Dispute Settlement as set out in this point, upon the services and T&C regulated, is determined and set by PAXEL to be settled through the jurisdiction of East Jakarta District Court.

Other Provisions

  • These T&C are regulated and interpreted by the laws applicable in Indonesia.
  • The Sender agree that PAXEL reserves the rights to terminate these T&C immediately after the it is declared that there is a violation to these T&C. For the avoidance of doubt, the termination of these T&C shall not oblige PAXEL to provide compensation or indemnification in any form as long as the Sender uses PAXEL delivery services. PAXEL and Sender expressly waive the provisions of Article 1266 of the Indonesian Civil Code to the extent it is required to terminate these T&C without any prior court decision.
  • In the event that one of the provisions of these T&C becomes invalid or unenforceable, then the other provision will not be affected.
  • PAXEL may amend, revise, modify these T&C at any time in accordance with the business necessity required by PAXEL.