These Terms and Conditions (hereinafter referred to as “S&K”) are valid, agreed upon, and considered to have been accepted and/or approved by account owners at the time they use applications and services of PAXEL and deliver their Goods and/or Packages through PAXEL as defined and/or regulated below.


  • PT Paxel Algorita Unggul is a limited liability company established under the laws of the Republic of Indonesia.
  • PT. Paxel Algorita Unggul is an application-based courier company with Postal License have been registered and obtained a license from the Ministry of Information and Informatics of the Republic of Indonesia.


“Goods / Package” shall mean any form of goods, letters, and documents as well as some types of goods that can be delivered by PAXEL in accordance with the prevailing legislation.

“Account Owner” shall mean Application User registered on the application system of PAXEL

“Sender” shall mean a person registered in the Application of PAXEL as the party that sends goods/Packages

“Receiver” shall mean a person registered in the Application of PAXEL as a party which accepts goods/Packages

“Hero” shall mean a courier or a partner of PAXEL whose duty is to deliver Goods/Packages

“COP” shall mean a payment option using cash money paid by the sender for Delivery.

“Paxel Credit” shall mean a balance whose value is equal to Rp. 1, - which can be used as a means of payment in the process of delivery of Goods/Packages using PAXEL’s application

“Top Up Credit” shall mean the addition of the balance amount in Paxel Credit made by inter-bank transfer system, addition via Hero and other media cooperating with PAXEL

Rules about Terms and Conditions

  1. Terms and Conditions (hereinafter referred to as S&K) are intended as binding terms and/or regulations as integral parts of the Agreement between PAXEL and Account Owners.
  2. PAXEL will provide the best service and delivery for customers so that customers are not able to claim and/or demand compensations in any case, except the sender has complexly complied with any matter listed in this S&K.
  3. Other provisions not regulated in this S&K shall be made in separated agreement in writing.


  1. Rates
    PAXEL has a number of tariffs and costs for shipping according to the PAXEL application

  2. Time slot
    Estimated time for picking up and delivering available in PAXEL’s application
  3. Cut Off Time
    Time limit for Hero in picking up and delivering goods /Packages
    The last time limit determined by PAXEL in the process of delivery of goods/Packages according to the estimated time of delivery
  4. Size
    Sizes of Goods/Packages: S (small), M (medium), L (large) or custom that available in PAXEL’s Application
  5. Cover Area
    The geographical area covered by PAXEL’s delivery service of goods/packages
  6. Type of Goods
    Multiple choice type of goods/Packages provided PAXEL in the delivery process of goods/packages in accordance with the prevailing laws and regulations.

Prohibited Delivery

  • PAXEL does not serve any delivery of Goods/Package prohibited by the provisions of PAXEL and the provisions of Law No. 38 of 2009 on the Post. Those prohibited goods/packages include narcotics, psychotropic substances, firearms, weapons, gold, stamps , swag, checks and cash, money orders, and traveler's checks as well as any object that violate decency and other items declared prohibited by the Laws.
  • In upholding the high values in PAXEL, we refuse to deliver liquors and the likes.

PAXEL’s Delivery Standards

  • PAXEL reserves the right to recognize contents of goods to be delivered by Senders using PAXEL’S application.
  • PAXEL reserves the right to check the goods in the category of Fragile and attach a label bubble wrap on Goods/Package which will be delivered by using PAXEL’s Application.
  • PAXEL reserves the right to recheck the relevant dimensions and weight of Goods/Packages.
  • PAXEL reserves the right to refuse a delivery if the waiting time for picking up goods/ Packages is more than 10 minutes.
  • PAXEL reserves the right to conduct eligibility check on packaging which will be delivered.
  • PAXEL reserve the right to reject any delivery which PAXEL considers that the packaging is not feasible or fails to comply with PAXEL’s policies and applicable legislation.
  • PAXEL shall not be responsible for any delivery which is not consistent with the statements and/or information that is expressed and/or supplied by Senders using PAXEL’s application.
  • Security and packaging on Goods/ Package to be delivered shall be full responsibility of the Senders and the Receivers.
  • Senders agree to provide complete and correct information and data of the Senders and the Receivers through the PAXEL’s application (name, address, city, sub-district, village, postal code and telephone number).
  • Senders shall hold PAXEL harmless from any responsibility for any penalty and/or damages resulted from:
    1. Loss, if the Sender has wrongly sent information data of the Receiver but the Goods/Packages have been received by the Recipients.
    2. Damage to the contents of the packaging, if no seal damage is found on the package or document until they are received the Receiver.
    3. Damage to the contents of goods/package, in case of non-conformance between the contents and information of the delivered Goods.
    4. Inconsistent statement, if the Sender’s statement on the contents of the Goods/Package is not consistent with the type of goods that are filled in the PAXEL’s application.
    5. Any demand from other parties and/or the authorities, if the contents of the Package delivered through PAXEL are not consistent with the statement given by the sender and found to violate the prevailing laws and regulations.
    6. Delay, loss, damage, in case of any cost incurred due to the negligence and fault of the senders in performing their obligations set in this S&K and other provisions defined by PAXEL.
  • PAXEL reserves the right to take and/or to deliver goods/Packages of the Senders through the routes, methods, procedures and networks owned by PAXEL.
  • PAXEL reserves the right to take immediate and necessary measures upon discovery of violations of the conditions mentioned in points 5.i.6, including to apply the Delivery Standard set out in S&K.

Delivery costs

  • PAXEL has set Rates and Costs to be paid by the Senders for delivery services using PAXEL’s application.
  • Deliver costs charged by PAXEL shall have included Value Added Tax (VAT).
  • Payment methods for delivery costs shall be:
    1. Deduction of Paxel Credit Paxel borne by the Account Owner (credit).
    2. Cash on Pick Up, paying with cash money borne by the sender.

Ownership Warranty

  • Senders warrant that goods/Packages delivered and/or sent through PAXEL comply with the prevailing provisions and legislation.
  • The Senders shall hold PAXEL harmless from all forms of claims from any party for violation of ownership warranty of Goods/Packages sent through PAXEL.

Intellectual Property Right

All digital and print designs, logos, brands, photos and images associated with PAXEL either cannot be used and admitted by any party and for any interest without a written prior consent from PAXEL.


  • PAXEL shall be responsible for compensating any damages suffered by Senders and Receivers due to any damage and/or loss arising from failure of PAXEL to comply with S&K.
  • PAXEL is not responsible for losses arising from events that include, but not limited to, commercial, financial and other indirect losses, including losses caused by things that are beyond PAXEL's control or other indirect losses including damage due to Force Majeure events such as earthquakes, natural disasters, riots, floods, epidemics, wars, coups, rebellions, and government policies as well as other causes that occur beyond PAXEL's control.
  • The compensation guarantee as mentioned in this point shall be at maximum of Rp 10,000,000. Arrangements concerning claims for compensation are regulated in accordance with the provisions contained in PAXEL’ application or on the following link below

Complaints or Inquiries

If the Sender has inquiries or complaints about the delivery of goods or documents through PAXEL, the Sender can submit the inquiries or complaints via or via WhatsApp PAXEL available on the PAXEL’s official website.

Governing Law and Dispute Settlement

  • Any disputes arising from the implementation of S&K and services provided, managed and determined by PAXEL between PAXEL and Account Owner shall be settled through deliberation for amicable settlement, except for any matters which is deemed necessary to be settled through a legal process
  • Any dispute settlement which requires a legal process as mentioned above shall be submitted to the District Court of West Jakarta.


  • S&K is governed and interpreted under the prevailing laws in Indonesia.
  • Account Owners agree that PAXEL reserve the right to terminate the S&K immediately upon a declared infringement on S&K. To avoid any doubt, termination of S&K shall not oblige PAXEL to provide compensation or indemnities in any form as long as the Account Owners use the delivery service of PAXEL. PAXEL and Account Owner hereby waive provisions of Article 1266 of the Civil Codes to the extent that such Article requires judicial approval of any termination of this SK.
  • In case any of the provisions in S&K becomes invalid or unenforceable, the other provisions shall not be affected.
  • PAXEL may amend, revise, and modify S&K at any time as required by PAXEL to run its businesses properly.