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Food Ukm Business Are Counting On Sameday Delivery: Paxel Growing Rapidly In 2019

Food Ukm Business Are Counting On Sameday Delivery: Paxel Growing Rapidly In 2019

Jakarta, January 31st 2020 - Paxel’s business growth are increasing rapidly in 2019. This happened parallel to the increment of food UKM that are counting to the sameday delivery shipment to send their products to the customers. 

Along 2019, the total number of sameday delivery shipment hit to 1,5 million, increasing 650% compare to end of 2018 that reached 200.000 shipments. Total active users are now currently more than 600.000 and 50% of it were using Paxel to deliver food, whether it’s frozen or fresh food. 

This growth also leads to the increment of Happiness Hero (courier) to 1.400, increasing 55% compare to the previous year. And the smart locker that connects Paxel to customer were added to 263 units throughout 12 cities in Java and Bali.

“This growth also represents the growth business of food UKM who lately use the sameday delivery service actively. It shows clearly that they are using Paxel to grow and expand their business to other cities,” says Zaldy Ilham Masita, COO Paxel.


The Journey Of Traditional Indonesian Food By The End Of 2019

During December 25th 2019 to January 2nd 2020 there was a huge number of traditional food shipment where most people are away celebrating Christmas and the New Year. And according to Paxel Food Journey 2019 that captures 10 traditional food, there was at least 2.286 customers that sent 3.642 food using the sameday delivery. 

Within that 7 days, these are the most popular traditional food sent across the cities using Paxel: 

  • Cilok Cepot Bandung (24%)
  • Pisang Goreng Bu Nanik (10%)
  • Batagor Kingsley Bandung (8,5%)
  • Bebek Sinjay Surabaya (8,1%)
  • Brownies Amanda Bandung (8%)
  • Bandeng Juwana Semarang (5%)
  • Roti Unyil Bogor (4,2%)
  • Bakso President Malang (3%)
  • Lumpia Gang Lombok Semarang (2,6%)
  • Bakpia Kukus Tugu Jogja (1%)

Bandung had become the city with most delivery (45%), followed by Bogor (12%), and Jakarta (11%). And in terms of customer, Bandung also ranked the highest (19%), followed by Bekasi (18,4%), and Bogor (13%).

“This number proves that sameday delivery service can expand UKM sales during public holiday,” says Bryant Christanto, CEO Paxel.

From the Top 4 list, Cilok Cepot Bandung ranked the highest that goes around Bandung, Bekasi, and Bogor. And Pisang Goreng Bu Nanik recorded purchased throughout Bekasi, Bandung, and Tangerang. And lastly, Bebek Sinjay Surabaya most ordered to Bekasi, Bantul, and South Tangerang.


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