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Paxel Supports Warung Pintar To Digitalize Traditional Warung

Paxel Supports Warung Pintar To Digitalize Traditional Warung

Jakarta, December 19th 2019 - Product stocks are the essential thing to operate a traditional warung, which currently estimated 3.5mio spreading around Indonesia (Nielsen, 2018). According to survey done by Warung Pintar, 81% of juragan (their partners) are aiming to supervise directly their product stocks delivery flow. 

To cover warung needs that starting to go digital, Warung Pintar, technology start up that transforms traditional warung to modern way, collaborate with Paxel, the pioneer of intercity sameday delivery. This partnership is officially announced during Ngopi Bareng Paxel on Thursday (19/12).

Through Juragan App, the smart retailer is able to buy stocks without minimum order, free shipping, and guaranteed next day delivery. Orders will be processed in the warehouse, and will be picked up by Paxel on the next day at 10:00 WIB to be distributed to all warung before 14:00 WIB. 

“We understand that to transform the traditional warung from offline to online, we cannot only change the look. We need to go deeper to its logistic distribution. That’s why we started this collaboration with Paxel that can fasten their logistic service,” says Christian Winata, Co-Founder & VP Smart Distribution Warung Pintar. 

Zaldy Ilham Masita, COO Paxel and Chairman of Asosiasi Logistik Indonesia also mentioned the importance of Warung Pintar owners to add more stocks to grow their profit. 

“Warung has a unique business, because the stocks turnover are very fast. With Paxel that can deliver within the sameday, warung owners can make their profit turnover faster as well,” says Zaldy.

Within this partnership, Paxel will deliver stocks to 500 Warung Pintar around Jakarta and South Tangerang.

Warung Growth Transformation for National Economy 

According to warung owners, traditional warung transformation to Warung Pintar needs at least 1 month of adaptation. Now that they have succeeding the transformation from offline to online, owners feels a significant growth. Prior to this, their customers are whoever that passes their warung, but now, they can have a bigger market because customers can hangout longer in the stall enjoying lots of facilities offered. Now, owners admitted 50% growth of profit through Warung Pintar. 

“When I was doing my business offline, one of the obstacles was I need to pay someone to buy stocks to agent, because I need to stay at it. But since Warung Pintar, I only need my handphone to shop. Stocks will be delivered next day, and even some of the products are cheaper than the agent,” says Bapak Junadi, the first Warung Pintar owner.

According to Koperasi and Usaha Kecil Menengah Minister (Menkop UKM), Teten Masduki, warung stands as cantilever of national economy for more than 60%.