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Paxel Buy & Send Insights: UKM Prefer to Sell in Social Media

Paxel Buy & Send Insights: UKM Prefer to Sell in Social Media

Jakarta, October 2nd 2019 - UKM Indonesia that sell through online prefer to use Whatsapp compare to be presence in the marketplace. This fact was revealed following Paxel survey to more than 535 online sellers in Indonesia. 

Although Whatsapp and Instagram are the Top 2 channels chosen to sell in online channels, and 87% out of them prefer to use more than just 1 platform to sell. In order, the most used platform that UKM used to sell are Whatsapp (84%), Instagram (81%), Shopee (53%), Facebook (36%), Tokopedia (29%), and Bukalapak (18%). 

Paxel Buy & Send Insights also found that physical store nowadays are no longer relevant. 83% of online sellers don’t have physical store and even the 14% sellers that claimed once had a physical store are now closing down to focus on online platform. The main reason is because they wanted to reduce cost. 

And what is interesting is 66% of online sellers claimed that they even got a higher income now compare to when they still opened a physical store. 

“UKM business in Indonesia are very dynamic and we need to understand their current needs which will be different compare to 10 years ago. This survey was made to get the idea of their current characteristics, including how do they manage to promote and deliver their products,” says Zaldy Ilham Masita, COO Paxel. 

Inside the Paxel Buy & Send Insights, Paxel also got the fact that online sellers are counting on sameday delivery service. 36% of online sellers admitted that fast speed is more important than cheap rate. And by using the sameday delivery service, 97% of online sellers claimed to have a bigger shipping volume. 

75% online seller claimed that Paxel are their preferred and favorite sameday delivery service, followed by ojek online in 25%. Paxel’s wide coverage, clear pick-up time, and affordable flat rate were the 3 main reasons why they chose Paxel. 

Gabriella Citra, founder of @mamasakan, one of the online seller says, “For us, what is matter is to make sure that our products are delivered ontime, especially for intercity. I can have a faster profit and turnover because of it.”

First Survey to Captured UKM & Logistic Service 

Paxel Buy & Send Insights is a survey managed by Paxel and Provetics. This survey included 535 online sellers in Indonesia from July 29th 2019 to August 4th 2019. One out of two UKM are food sellers. 34% of UKM claimed that they have been selling for 2 years (veteran), 33% for 1-2 years (experienced), and the remaining 33% is less than 1 year (beginner). 

Here are Paxel Buy & Send Insights results: