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Pisang Goreng Madu Bu Nanik’s Founder: Ukm Must Dare To Expand

Pisang Goreng Madu Bu Nanik’s Founder: Ukm Must Dare To Expand

Jakarta, November 19th 2019 - Founder UKM of Pisang Goreng Madu Bu Nanik,  Nanik Soelistiowati, encouraged Indonesia’s UKM to dare enough to expand its business. According to her, as long as it’s calculated and collaborate with the right partner, it will be possible to be executed. She shared her motivations on Paxel’s event Coffee Talks (19/11).

She claimed that customer’s demand that keeps on growing from outside Jakarta finally made her believe to take the bold action: expanding its business to outside Jabodetabek area starting October 2019. She admitted that it took 12 years for her to expand the business.

“Luckily I met the right partner that can make this come true. I was clueless on how could I sell and deliver my product to Surabaya, or even Bali in a perfect condition. But now I have Paxel,” says her. Nanik agreed that expansion means more than just sales, but also to grab a wider market. 

Pisang Goreng Madu Bu Nanik initially was made because she wanted to create a healthy snacks for her mother who had Diabetes. “I changed the sugar to honey, which apparently made it more crunchy and tasty. It was really hard at first to promote this food since it doesn’t look pretty and some people even rejected when I tried to give them sample for free. That’s why I called my pisang goreng “Si Hitam Manis” or “The Sweet Black.”

Prior to collaborate with Paxel, Nanik increased its production from 3 tons for Jabodetabek area and now to 4 tons per day. Meaning, there are 33% of increment after expanding its business with Paxel. Now, the famous pisang goreng can be ordered and enjoyed in more than 12 cities in Java - Bali. 

According to Paxel Executive Advisor, Johari Zein, a proper planning and is needed for an expansion. “There has to be an objective rather than just to focus on sales. Ask yourself, why do you want to expand? Who will be the executors? Who will take an advantage out of it? What are the strategies?”

Paxel is strongly support UKM business in Indonesia. Starting November 2019, customer can order Pisang Goreng Madu Bu Nanik inside the apps through a pre-order on Tuesday and Wednesday for shipment in Saturday or pre-order on Thursday and Friday for shipment in Sunday. In terms of price, it is considered affordable for Rp 78,000 per 10pcs with a free delivery from Paxel using the promo code: PAXEL4BUNANIK.