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Which cities already covered by Paxel's service?

Paxel already covered 8 Province, 34 City/Regencies, 277 Districts and 1.799 Villages. 

ProvinceCity RegencyDistrict
BaliDenpasar CityDenpasar Selatan
BaliDenpasar CityDenpasar Barat
BaliDenpasar CityDenpasar Utara
BaliDenpasar CityDenpasar Timur
BaliBadungKuta Utara
BaliBadungKuta Selatan
BantenTangerang CityKarang Tengah
BantenTangerang CityLarangan
BantenTangerang CityCiledug
BantenSouth Tangerang CityPondok Aren
BantenSouth Tangerang CityCiputat
BantenSouth Tangerang CityPamulang
BantenSouth Tangerang CityCiputat Timur
BantenTangerang CityKarawaci
BantenTangerang CityJatiuwung
BantenTangerang CityPinang
BantenTangerang CityCipondoh
BantenTangerang CityBatuceper
BantenTangerang CityTangerang
BantenTangerang CityCibodas
BantenTangerangKelapa Dua
BantenTangerang CityNeglasari
BantenTangerang CityPeriuk
BantenTangerang CityBenda
BantenTangerangPasar Kemis
BantenSouth Tangerang CitySerpong
BantenSouth Tangerang CitySetu
BantenSouth Tangerang CitySerpong Utara
Special Region Of YogyakartaYogyakarta CityPakualaman
Special Region Of YogyakartaYogyakarta CityGondomanan
Special Region Of YogyakartaYogyakarta CityMantrijeron
Special Region Of YogyakartaYogyakarta CityMergangsan
Special Region Of YogyakartaYogyakarta CityDanurejan
Special Region Of YogyakartaYogyakarta CityJetis
Special Region Of YogyakartaYogyakarta CityWirobrajan
Special Region Of YogyakartaYogyakarta CityGedongtengen
Special Region Of YogyakartaYogyakarta CityKraton
Special Region Of YogyakartaYogyakarta CityNgampilan
Special Region Of YogyakartaYogyakarta CityKotagede
Special Region Of YogyakartaYogyakarta CityUmbulharjo
Special Region Of YogyakartaSlemanBerbah
Special Region Of YogyakartaYogyakarta CityGondokusuman
Special Region Of YogyakartaYogyakarta CityTegalrejo
Special Region Of YogyakartaSlemanGamping
Special Region Of YogyakartaBantulSewon
Special Region Of YogyakartaBantulBanguntapan
Special Region Of YogyakartaSlemanMlati
Special Region Of YogyakartaSlemanDepok
Special Region Of YogyakartaBantulPleret
Special Region Of YogyakartaSlemanNgaglik
Special Region Of YogyakartaBantulKasihan
Dki JakartaSouth Jakarta CityPesanggrahan
Dki JakartaSouth Jakarta CityKebayoran Lama
Dki JakartaWest Jakarta CityKembangan
Dki JakartaWest Jakarta CityKebon Jeruk
Dki JakartaWest Jakarta CityCengkareng
Dki JakartaWest Jakarta CityKalideres
Dki JakartaWest Jakarta CityTambora
Dki JakartaNorth Jakarta CityTanjung Priok
Dki JakartaWest Jakarta CityTaman Sari
Dki JakartaNorth Jakarta CityPademangan
Dki JakartaCentral Jakarta CityGambir
Dki JakartaCentral Jakarta CitySawah Besar
Dki JakartaCentral Jakarta CityKemayoran
Dki JakartaNorth Jakarta CityPenjaringan
Dki JakartaWest Jakarta CityGrogol Petamburan
Dki JakartaNorth Jakarta CityDanau Sunter Dll
Dki JakartaCentral Jakarta CitySenen
Dki JakartaSouth Jakarta CitySetiabudi
Dki JakartaSouth Jakarta CityPancoran
Dki JakartaCentral Jakarta CityTanah Abang
Dki JakartaCentral Jakarta CityMenteng
Dki JakartaSouth Jakarta CityMampang Prapatan
Dki JakartaSouth Jakarta CityKebayoran Baru
Dki JakartaSouth Jakarta CityTebet
Dki JakartaWest Jakarta CityPal Merah
Dki JakartaEast Jakarta CityKramatjati
Dki JakartaSouth Jakarta CityJagakarsa
Dki JakartaSouth Jakarta CityCilandak
Dki JakartaEast Jakarta CityPasar Rebo
Dki JakartaSouth Jakarta CityPasar Minggu
Dki JakartaNorth Jakarta CityKoja
Dki JakartaEast Jakarta CityCakung
Dki JakartaNorth Jakarta CityKelapa Gading
Dki JakartaEast Jakarta CityJatinegara
Dki JakartaCentral Jakarta CityCempaka Putih
Dki JakartaEast Jakarta CityMakasar
Dki JakartaNorth Jakarta CityCilincing
Dki JakartaEast Jakarta CityDuren Sawit
Dki JakartaEast Jakarta CityMatraman
Dki JakartaCentral Jakarta CityJohar Baru
Dki JakartaEast Jakarta CityCipayung
Dki JakartaEast Jakarta CityPulogadung
Dki JakartaEast Jakarta CityCiracas
West JavaDepok CitySawangan
West JavaDepok CityCinere
West JavaBekasi CityPondok Gede
West JavaBekasi CityCikarang
West JavaBandung CityCidadap
West JavaBandung CityCicendo
West JavaBandung CityAndir
West JavaBandungCimenyan
West JavaBandungMargahayu
West JavaBandung CityAstana Anyar
West JavaCimahi CityCimahi Utara
West JavaCimahi CityCimahi Tengah
West JavaCimahi CityCimahi Selatan
West JavaWest BandungPadalarang
West JavaBandung CityBojongloa Kidul
West JavaBandung CitySukasari
West JavaBandung CityCoblong
West JavaBandung CityBandung Kulon
West JavaBandung CityBabakan Ciparay
West JavaBandung CityBojongloa Kaler
West JavaBandung CitySukajadi
West JavaWest BandungParongpong
West JavaBandung CityBandung Wetan
West JavaBandung CityRegol
West JavaBandung CitySumur Bandung
West JavaBandung CityBandung Kidul
West JavaWest BandungCisarua
West JavaWest BandungLembang
West JavaBandungMargaasih
West JavaWest BandungNgamprah
West JavaBandungBaleendah
West JavaBandungDayeuhkolot
West JavaBandung CityCibeunying Kaler
West JavaBandung CityLengkong
West JavaBandung CityKiaracondong
West JavaBandung CityBuahbatu
West JavaBandung CityAntapani
West JavaBandung CityRancasari
West JavaBandung CityArcamanik
West JavaBandung CityGedebage
West JavaBandung CityUjung Berung
West JavaBandung CityCinambo
West JavaBandung CityPanyileukan
West JavaBandung CityMandalajati
West JavaBandung CityCibeunying Kidul
West JavaBandung CityCibiru
West JavaBandung CityBatununggal
West JavaBandungCilengkrang
West JavaBandungCileunyi
West JavaBandungBojongsoang
West JavaBekasi CityRawa Lumbu
West JavaBekasi CityMedan Satria
West JavaBekasi CityBantar Gebang
West JavaBekasi CityMustika Jaya
West JavaBekasi CityPondok Melati
West JavaBekasiTambun Utara
West JavaBekasiTambun Selatan
West JavaBekasi CityBekasi Utara
West JavaBekasi CityBekasi Timur
West JavaBekasi CityBekasi Barat
West JavaBekasi CityBekasi Selatan
West JavaBekasiTarumajaya
West JavaBekasiBabelan
West JavaBekasi CityJatiasih
West JavaBogor CityBogor Barat
West JavaBogor CityBogor Tengah
West JavaBogor CityTanah Sareal
West JavaBogorCiomas
West JavaBogor CityTamansari
West JavaBogorSukaraja
West JavaBogorCiawi
West JavaBogorCiteureup
West JavaSukabumi CityCikole
West JavaSukabumi CityGunung Puyuh
West JavaSukabumi CityWarudoyong
West JavaSukabumi CityCitamiang
West JavaSukabumi CityBaros
West JavaSukabumi CityCibeureum
West JavaSukabumi CityLembursitu
West JavaBogorCijeruk
West JavaBogor CityBogor Utara
West JavaBogorCigombong
West JavaBogorMegamendung
West JavaBogor CityBogor Timur
West JavaBogorBabakan Madang
West JavaBogor CityBogor Selatan
West JavaBogorCaringin
West JavaBogorCibinong
West JavaBogorDramaga
West JavaDepok CitySukmajaya
West JavaDepok CityBeji
West JavaDepok CityPancoran Mas
West JavaDepok CityCimanggis
West JavaDepok CityLimo
West JavaDepok CityBojongsari
West JavaBogorGunung Putri
West JavaBekasi CityJati Sempurna
West JavaDepok CityTapos
West JavaDepok CityCilodong
Central JavaSurakarta CityPasar Kliwon
Central JavaSurakarta CityJebres
Central JavaSurakarta CityBanjarsari
Central JavaSurakarta CityLaweyan
Central JavaSurakarta CitySerengan
Central JavaSukoharjoKartasura
Central JavaKaranganyarColomadu
Central JavaSukoharjoBaki
Central JavaSukoharjoGrogol
Central JavaSukoharjoMojolaban
Central JavaSemarang CityGenuk
Central JavaSemarang CitySemarang Timur
Central JavaSemarang CitySemarang Tengah
Central JavaSemarang CitySemarang Barat
Central JavaSemarang CityTugu
Central JavaSemarang CityGayamsari
Central JavaSemarang CitySemarang Utara
Central JavaSemarang CityNgaliyan
Central JavaSemarang CityPedurungan
Central JavaSemarang CityMijen
Central JavaSemarang CityGunungpati
Central JavaSemarang CityGajahmungkur
Central JavaSemarang CitySemarang Selatan
Central JavaSemarang CityBanyumanik
Central JavaSemarang CityTembalang
Central JavaSemarang CityCandisari
East JavaMalang CityBlimbing
East JavaMalang CityKedungkandang
East JavaMalang CityKlojen
East JavaMalang CityLowokwaru
East JavaMalang CitySukun
East JavaMalangSingosari
East JavaMalangLawang
East JavaSidoarjoWaru
East JavaSidoarjoSidoarjo
East JavaSurabaya CityKarangpilang
East JavaSurabaya CitySimokerto
East JavaSurabaya CityGubeng
East JavaSurabaya CityBenowo
East JavaSurabaya CityBubutan
East JavaSurabaya CityBulak
East JavaSurabaya CityDukuhpakis
East JavaSurabaya CityGayungan
East JavaSurabaya CityGenteng
East JavaSurabaya CityGunung Anyar
East JavaSurabaya CityJambangan
East JavaSurabaya CityKenjeran
East JavaSurabaya CityKrembangan
East JavaSurabaya CityLakarsantri
East JavaSurabaya CityMulyorejo
East JavaSurabaya CityPakal
East JavaSurabaya CityRungkut
East JavaSurabaya CitySambikerep
East JavaSurabaya CitySawahan
East JavaSurabaya CitySemampir
East JavaSurabaya CitySukolilo
East JavaSurabaya CitySukomanunggal
East JavaSurabaya CityTambaksari
East JavaSurabaya CityTandes
East JavaSurabaya CityTegalsari
East JavaSurabaya CityTenggilis Mejoyo
East JavaSurabaya CityWiyung
East JavaSurabaya CityWonocolo
East JavaSurabaya CityWonokromo
East JavaSurabaya CityAsem Rowo
East JavaSurabaya CityPabean Cantikan
East JavaSurabaya CityAsemrowo
East JavaJember DistrictJember
South SulawesiMakassar CityBontoala
South SulawesiMakassar CityRappocini
South SulawesiMakassar CityUjung Pandang
South SulawesiMakassar CityTallo
South SulawesiMakassar CityMamajang
South SulawesiMakassar CityUjung Tanah
South SulawesiMakassar CityMariso
South SulawesiMakassar CityTamalate
South SulawesiMakassar CityPanakukkang
South SulawesiMakassar CityWajo
South SulawesiMakassar CityManggala
South SulawesiMakassar CityTamalanrea
South SulawesiMakassar CityBiringkanaya