> 1.000.000

Shipment Made:

> 2.600.000

On Time Delivery:

> 95%

Coverage area:

Jakarta - Bogor - Depok - Tanggerang - Bekasi - Bandung - Semarang - Solo - Yogyakarta - Malang - Surabaya - Denpasar - Makassar - and more soon!

Sameday Delivery

Application-based delivery service with various features for your convenience when creating shipment.

Advantages of Paxel delivery services:

  1. Sameday delivery in and out...
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Smart locker for item storage, as well as drop-offs and package pick-ups for your shipment.

PaxelBox already spread more than 260...

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Nikmati online toserba untuk segala kebutuhan Kamu. Jajanan unik khas Nusantara, bahan pangan dan berdonasi

Jajan sekarang di PaxelMarket

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